Buying your own airplane raises numerous questions.

You might have already chosen which manufacturer and model you will own: most of the times future buyers are excited to select their plane and its configuration.

Legal and taxes concerns however - and there are many others! - can be as tricky as boring.

L’Avion privé gives you the key decision facts to buy or renew your airplane under the best possible conditions.


We work for leisure aviation (Cirrus SR-22, Cessna Skyhawk, Beechcraft Bonanza, …) as well for business aviation (Beechcraft King Air, Cessna Citation, ...

For those who use their airplane for both reasons - you are so right -, we work on versatile aircraft as the TBM 930 from Daher-Socata.

New and used.

Private aviation has a strong second-hand market. We help you choosing the right used aircraft by selecting several options and having complete prior inspections.

We also work with all the aircraft manufacturers if you wish to buy a new plane.


Whether you want to share the costs of your ownership or you just don’t need a plane full time, we help you picking the right timeshare scheme starting 50 hours of flight per year'.

Of course, you can use the services of l'Avion privé for your full-time owned aircraft.

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Guillaume Jarysta-Dautel
Guillaume Jarysta-Dautel
+33 186 954 114


Select an EASA Part 145 maintenance organisation is not only about comparing quotations.

L'Avion privé helps you scheduling and supervising the maintenance of your aircraft. We select the best maintenance organisations and help you reducing the operational impacts of your aircraft’s maintenance.

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Adrien Perez
Adrien Perez
+33 186 954 114


Perhaps you are used to book your transfers in a few clicks from your smartphone or by just giving a call.

We provide professional pilots, highly qualified on your aircraft with the maximum standards.

L’Avion privé offers you a 24h on-demand setup for your aircraft and pilots.

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Paul Jarysta
Paul Jarysta
+33 186 954 114


Some might still think that owning its own airplane is way more expense that renting it. We are sorry but they are wrong.

Our leasing program allows you to rent your aircraft out when your don’t need it.

The same level of qualification is required from our pilots when you are on board or when it is rented to someone else. Your aircraft is secured and starts providing profits.

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Bastien Abadie
Bastien Abadie
+33 186 954 114