Our buying services.

Becoming a plane owner is often a child's dream: we help to make it happen in the best possible conditions..

L'Avion privé offers you a turnkey offer ranging from the pre-acquisition study to the operation of your new aircraft.

1. Pre-study

Operational and financial study

The purpose of this pre-study is to determine from a panel of candidates, the aircraft that best meets your operational needs, within the framework of your budget. It consists of a telephone interview to constitute a typical year of operation.

The operational e-study takes into account qualitative factors and standard operational costs:

  • Speed
  • Max range
  • Availability
  • Comfort
  • Noise level
  • Safety
  • Ability to land on short runways
  • Ability to land on grass runways
  • Avionics
  • Ability to resell
  • Leasing attractivness
  • Operating costs
  • ...

The deliverable is a presentation showing the advantages and limitations of each aircraft and each program and a well-argued recommendation.

The pre-study has allowed you to select the aircraft that best suits your need. The detailed financial study allows you to have a very accurate forecast of the operating costs of your future aircraft, by accounting for all the actual budget items, direct and indirect, based on the intended use of your future aircraft.

Items taken into consideration:

  • Depreciation
  • Insurance
  • Enrollments
  • Maintenance
  • Fuel
  • Hangar
  • Taxes
  • Landing fees
  • Handling
  • Trust
  • Airworthiness management
  • Subscriptions
  • Part NCC
  • Fixed costs
  • Profits: renting
  • ...

based on a new plane and on an used one.

The deliverable is a file containing all the identified costs, all the variables and all the assumptions, allowing you to vary the model according to the adjustments of your actual use.


2. Plane hunting.

By giving us a mandate to search for your plane, you benefit from the following services:

We are looking for the 3 best used planes corresponding to your specifications, both on market with a continuous follow-up of the specialized adverts and off market, by interrogating our network. In parallel, we are getting in touch with the manufacturers to offer you a competitive offer on a new plane.
After having studied all the documents (kardex, logbooks, maintenance reports, photos, ...), we select for you the best plane available.
We set the technical visit of the selected aircraft up, including a pre-purchase inspection performed by a Part-66 certified aviation mechanic and a flight test conducted by a professional pilot. This technical tour and the test flight form the basis of a comprehensive report that will be presented to you.
We support you during the negotiation of the aircraft, based on the actual rating (blue book) of the aircraft and the conclusions of the technical visit and the flight test. We put you in contact with our network of specialists on financing issues (banks and brokers), and taxation (specialized lawyers).

Why choosing l’Avion privé for your aircraft search?

On & off market search.

Our vast network of partners (workshops, hangars and owners) in Europe and the United States allows us to offer you planes unlisted on aeronautical sites and magazines: at equivalent price, we offer you better equipped aircraft.

Meticulous pre-purchase inspection.

The careful inspection of the aircraft and its documents by our Part 66 certified mechanic is a guarantee of the quality of your future aircraft. It provides a complete map of the health of your aircraft and any work to be done.

His inspection report also gives us a basis to negotiate the price of your plane. You have the guarantee of buying your plane at the best price.

Financing and paperwork.

We support you from research to delivery of your new aircraft on its new base. Depending on your needs, we can manage for you all the administrative formalities.

We make you benefit from our network of professionals, regarding financing your aircraft.

Fees on preliminary estimate.


3. Ferry flight.

The plane of your dreams is in the United States or anywhere else in the world? We ferry it to its final base by managing all the administrative formalities on the road: constitution of the crew, rent of a liferaft, rent of an HF radio, ...
This service, on estimate, is evaluated as soon as the research mandate is established to include its cost in the arbitration between the different aircraft available on the market.


4. Administrative and legal paperwork

Optionally, we can manage on your behalf all the administrative formalities related to the acquisition: you have a turn-key service, from the definition of the specifications to the delivery of your plane.
This service, on estimate, can cover all or part of the following points: insurance, ferrying, temporary laissez-passer, change of registration, avionics upgrade, certificate of airworthiness, radio station license, noise certificate, hangar, trust registration, ...