Buy a Cessna Skyhawk.

The legendary Cessna 172 still exists and is more modern than ever. Equipped with a Garmin 1000, it is the perfect plane for leisure and short trips.

L’Avion privé give you the key decision facts to buy or renew your Cessna Skyhawk new or used, with best conditions.


Max range: 640 NM / 1185 km
Max speed: 124 kt / 229 km/h
Passengers: 3
Take-off roll: 293 m
Take-off (50ft): 497 m
Landing roll: 175 m
Landing (50ft) 407 m

Market value.

Used: from 0.1 M€ to 0.2 M€
New: starting 0.3 M€


Max range.

With a range of 1185 km, your Cessna Skyhawk can reach a lot of airports from your current position.