Commercial operations management.

You want to make profits with your plane and put it at the disposal of third parties when you do not use it. Public transportattion (commercial operations) is the regulatory framework that best fits your operation.

L'Avion privé supports you to identify the best operator holding an air operator certificate (AOC).

1. Air operators call for proposals.

We select for you the best operator with a valid Air Operator Certificate to manage the commercial operation of your aircraft.

To do this, we carry with you the complete specifications of the future operation of your aircraft. We establish a complete map of the market and carry a call for proposals.

Fixed fees according to the MTOW of your plane.


2. Performances analysis.

Once selected, we drive the relationship between the operator and you by providing you with a monthly activity report: P&L of the month, KPI of the month, N-1 comparison.

Every year, we put the operators in competition to guarantee a maximum level of performance from year to year.

Fixed fees according to the MTOW of your plane.